Transform yourself inside and out with the 8 Week RESET Challenge.

We understand that no two fitness goals look the same, so whether you’re looking to drop body fat, increase lean muscle mass, reignite your passion for training or simply adopt some healthier and sustainable lifestyle habits, the 8 Week RESET Challenge will equip you with all of the tools, knowledge and support you need to make it happen. 

Put your health and fitness first and adopt a series of healthy and sustainable lifestyle habits in just 8 weeks!


The 8 Week RESET Challenge will help you prioritise your health and fitness and become part of a like-minded and supportive community, guided by an industry expert who will be with you along every step (and burpee) of the way.

What's Included?



Healthy Habits

Access to exclusive workouts, tailored to focus on transformation and building fitness habits.



Stay accountable and track your progress with weekly weigh-ins as well as before and after measurements and photos. Goal setting session with a qualified Fitness Professional. 



✔ 8 Week Meal Plan

✔ 8 Week Training and Workout Program 

✔ Goal Setting Session

✔ Before and After Measurements and Weigh-in 

✔ Weekly Emails to keep you Motivated and Inspired 

✔ Exclusive Online Community

✔ End of Challenge Prize