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Stay on track with your health and fitness goals while traveling

A Bit About Me

When you hire me you’re just not hiring a trainer and health coach, you’re buying a new life!

I have helped an aircraft engineer stay fit and healthy on his business trips and have helped an obese client lose weight and build lean muscle mass while traveling through Europe with her friends.

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body without too much sacrificing on the little pleasures of life.  As a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Therapist and  Frequent Flyer, I know the importance of staying fit and eating healthy while abroad.   Some hotels do offer a  fitness centre, however most are not well equiped and in some the equipment are so outdated.  Neighbouring gyms charge a small fortune so I usually find a space in my hotel room, in a park or on a beach to do my workouts.  Eating clean and healthy is another challenge that I face when I travel.   


As your Travel health and fitness coach, I aim is to help you maintain your fitness goals, by designing a workout plan that fits your travel requirements. My coaching  will guide you through every exercise, every workout and every meal on the menu. My realistic approach to fitness and health on the go will have you feeling great one city at a time.

Sit Ups

Workouts in the palms of your hands

Strength, Endurance & Flexibilty

The unique program I’ve developed will help burn calories, boost metabolism and improve your overall health even from the space in your hotel room.  A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will keep you in tip-top shape.


Whether it’s losing weight or trimming and toning, my unique program will keep you focused on your health and fitness goals and have you feeling great even when travelling. No need to seek out gyms and no need to carry around equipment, maybe just a resistance band.

This program is designed to

  • Burn calories 

  • Boost metabolism  

  • Maintain Muscle Tissue

  • Improve your overall health.

With a combination of strategic exercises and diet advice that is easy to follow, you will stay  in tip-top shape.


Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but also on the inside! I will make sure your body and mind find the right balance. 

  • Travel meal planning

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

  • Happy meals so that you can try new flavours

  • Fast food don't have to be avoided

  • No need to calorie track 


Eat, Enjoy Discover



Making fitness and health fun, easy and enjoyable anywhere, anytime

Most of us get plenty of exercise while traveling: there’s all that walking while sightseeing, biking, hiking, swimming (and snorkeling and scuba diving), plus dancing the night away. Dedicated runners can easily slip on their running shoes and off they go.

The good news is that cardiovascular exercise is fairly easy to accomplish without any special equipment. Exercising your heart, building endurance, and working all those muscles is important.  Equally important is strength training which–isn’t quite as easy while traveling. If you stay at hotels, there might be a fitness center with free weights or machines. But if you stay at hostels, guest houses, budget hotels, AirBnbs, or camp your way around, fitness centers and gyms may not be readily available.

It is therefore, I have developed strength training workouts that you can do anywhere even in the smallest of spaces.  Strength training protects our bones and muscles mass and it also does the following:

  • Makes you stronger and fitter

  • Helps keep your weight off ... for good

  • Makes you leaner by controlling body fat

  • Decreases the risk of injury


Males and females find it difficult to stick to a diet or exercise routine while they travel.  Some find that traveling releases inhibitions that result in some weight gain or even fatigue from lack of proper nutrition and exercise.  This doesn’t have to be your story.


Once you start to find how easy it is to incorporate fitness into your travels, you will be surprised that staying active while travelling  can and will make your entire vacation much more enjoyable.

Travel workouts will not only give you the endorphin rush you're used to have when you workout at your gym back home, but they also create the opportunity for all sorts of new adventures. Plus, they are a great way to help ease those inevitable post vacations “blah’s.”

That being said, exercising on vacation doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in a gym, or do countless burpees in your hotel room. There are plenty of ways to combine enjoying your vacation while getting in some great workouts.

The value that I know you will get from this program is priceless. Not only will your physical body improve, many travellers have written to me  describing the mental and emotional improvements from this program as well.


I just want you to know that I feel amazing thank you for making me fee this way.  I am team Zelda all the way.  You have changed my life

Kate R

I have never liked to exercise until I engaged you as my coach.  You made me fall in love with exercise and now I am hooked

Geri W

You have helped me so much this year.  I haven't had such great results since 2013 and I have had gym memberships for years.  I am blessed to have you as my PT and I know that the others are too :)

Inga J

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I can relate to everything my clients are going through. I had my challenges.

Fad diets ... you name it I've done it!

I feared change... never thought I actually do it.  I know what courage and determination it takes to turn your life around